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July 25, by Leah Anne Levy.

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There are a number of misconceptions about what digital literacy is and why it matters. Veteran teachers have faced pressure to not only ensure that their students are digitally literate, but also to be on the cutting edge of digital literacy themselves. However, what constitutes a digitally literate teacher is often up for debate. Without a clear definition, many teachers find the process of becoming digitally literate both confusing and overwhelming, especially as the pace of innovation frequently makes many technologies outdated as soon as they are learned.

Still, digital literacy skills for teachers are crucial.

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Digital literacy can be defined in several different ways. At the most basic level, digitally literate people know how to use technologies they are presented with.

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  • At a higher level, digital literacy is far more nuanced. The Common Core State Standards define digital literacy for students as the following:.

    This broader definition should come as welcome news. Viewed in that light, teachers need not fear students who may outstrip them in terms of functional skills — they can learn from these students without fear of losing their leadership mantle because teachers are able to place that technology into the proper context for deep learning.

    We interviewed a number of teachers across the United States about what they felt were the biggest misconceptions surrounding teacher and student digital literacy and classroom technology. Here are their answers, along with while some real-life applications of digital tools being used in classrooms across the country.

    Jason Sanders , an instructional technologist for the Northwest Independent School District in Texas, defines digital literacy as "knowing what digital tool you need to use and possessing the ability to figure out how to use it on your own. Just as students have different reading levels, teachers vary in their levels of digital literacy. Knowing how to code or being on the cutting edge of every single app is not what matters.

    Rather, what matters is having enough familiarity with and knowledge of technologies so that they are reasonably easy to navigate. For example, a digitally literate teacher might assign their students a podcast project and introduce them to the various podcast platforms they can use, without knowing every single feature of what each platform offers.

    Most educators know this one all too well.

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    Technology itself cannot transform learning. Technology can help engage students and connect them with a range of perspectives and resources. It should be used to strengthen those connections. Robinson agrees. The best technology draws on those same principles and empowers teachers to take traditional methods to the next level. While there is always room for re-evaluation of pedagogical approaches, technology should support what teachers have always done best, rather than getting in the way.

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    Christy Fennewald, a school technology integration coordinator at St. Rather, it is another form of media under the literacy," she said. It was necessary for their survival and future. Digital literacy is the same. It is not replacing reading and writing and arithmetic. While there are instances in which students and teachers alike will require training in specific technologies, digital literacy itself most often does not need to be taught to students as a separate skill.

    What Digital Literacy Means and Why It Matters

    In fact, to do so removes technology from its context, and thereby limits student conceptions of what that technology can do. Instead, a digital literacy component should be worked into other kinds of assignments, both in practice and for grading purposes.

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    A history project, for example, might include having students put together a Pinterest board for images, video and audio from a specific time period. In this way, digital literacy becomes a source for critical thinking and creativity, often drawing on social skills as students navigate group digital projects.

    As a teacher of literacy English , I found we focused too much on one form of literacy and not all forms of literacy. Being literate means being able to communicate no matter the form. It does not require a specific set of tools. He said Twitter can be used to create personal class hashtags like " AskScienceSanders," which students can use to tweet questions rather than shouting them out. It can often be hands-on, whether students are designing their own toys in a computer-aided design CAD program, building LEGO robots, or using Arduino an open-source electronics prototyping platform to turn their classroom into an "Internet of Things" stronghold.

    Instead of 28 kids working on the same thing, now you have one-third working on project-based learning, one-third working on digital projects to do with the concepts, and one-third getting the attention they need from the teacher.

    With learning systems like Moodle, "teachers hand out assignments, while students can turn them in and take exams on the system. Those kinds of systems open up space for teachers to remediate students who need it while letting the students who have already mastered the project work to explore and create independently.

    It should be obvious why this is a myth, given all that we discussed above. Digitally literate teachers act as engaging guides as their students work with technology, challenging them to think beyond their original conceptions. The students need to be taught how to do the right thing. According to Robinson, a lot of teachers make this claim. This is certainly an understandable myth and concern because teachers are already stretched thin.

    My classroom last year was totally flipped," Sanders said. This allowed Sanders much more time to be creative in his classroom. Because technology is a foreign thing that they have to make room for in their classroom, they struggle with the idea of digital literacy. They understand we must be literate, but do not connect the dots among new literacies.

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    When they begin to broaden the forms of media under the literacy umbrella, they can excel. The problem, Smith said, is that some districts lack the kind of training that would help teachers overcome those initial hurdles to the point where technology is a help rather than a hindrance.

    A district, for example, should have short training lessons available for teachers to access on YouTube. This myth bothers Fairchild more than any other. As he describes it, smartphones themselves are a powerful tool. If a teacher is diligent in their classroom management, students should be able to take advantage of all that their phones have to offer without getting distracted. USC Rossier offers a range of online graduate degrees for aspiring teachers and experiences educators.

    Request information to speak with an admissions counselor. The Common Core State Standards define digital literacy for students as the following: Students employ technology thoughtfully to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use.

    They tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline.

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    Ideas for the Classroom Ideas for the Classroom. Resources to Bookmark Resources to Bookmark. Request Information.

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