Как настроить ftp сервер на mac os

Как настроить ftp сервер на mac os

 · Инструкция, как настроить и подключить анонимное vpn соединение, скрыть ip, на macos Автор: Anonymous VPN.  · Как настроить удаленный Очень порадовала поддержка Mesh на MAC OS. Web сервер для меня. Как настроить фильтр mac-адресов (mac os)? Как пользоваться функцией ftp-сервер на. Тонкая настройка Mac OS Как включить FTP сервер в Mac OS X. Как посмотреть MD5 или SHA1 на Mac OS; Как. ftp: Can't connect to `localhost' при том, что сервер Как правильно настроить ftp доступ на mac os?

Тонкая настройка Mac OS

Since we have covered setting up a static IP address before , check out this article and complete Step 1 before returning and continuing on with this tutorial. Note that your router may have limitations on whether or not port forwarding is available.

If you want to make your server available publicly on the internet , we recommend setting up DynDNS.

Как настроить ftp сервер на mac os

This free service gives you a domain name example : user. You can find more information and instructions on setting up DynDNS in our previous article.

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Once you have successfully configured your static IP address and domain name , you can begin with the Lion Server installation. You will be presented with the Welcome to Server screen.

Click continue to begin the set up process. When you get to the Install Software screen , click the Continue button , and you will be prompted to authenticate as an administrator.

Интерфейс менеджера

After the download has completed , it will proceed to install the Server application and services onto your Mac. After download and installation has completed , the application will begin configuring your Mac and the services that have been installed. Click the Finish button to close out of the installer. Now that you have Lion Server installed , you will be able to open the Server app located in Applications.

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When you do this , you might see a login screen that authenticates your administrator credentials. To set up any of these services on your server , simply click on the service in the sidebar , and then click on the ON-OFF toggle switch to turn the service , Что ж, on or off.

Как настроить ftp сервер на mac os

Now that you have turned on your services , you may have attempted to load your site by typing in your domain name user. Many of the services listed on the sidebar of the Server configuration have their own ports with some exception. The most common port is port 80, or the Web server port.

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This allows the server to communicate with the outside world. If you are using an AirPort router , the Server admin app can automatically update the Port Forwarding settings. You should now be able to connect to the different services that your Lion Server is providing through the domain name that you set up previously.

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If you have problems connecting to any of the services , here are some great resources to check out : — Apple Discussions — Apple Telephone Support — Apple Lion Server Support. Перейти к содержанию.

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    Как настроить ftp сервер на mac os

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