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Hub also lets you keep all your photos in one convenient location to share, and to design in real time with your co-creators using our collaboration tools.

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Hub works a little bit differently for PicMonkey. The team needs you!

No worries, Hub autosaves as you work, and your design will save as a layered file, too, so you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Because Hub automatically saves your work as an editable file as you design in the PicMonkey editor , you can pick up right where you left off. The original or the copy that you or your collaborators are working on will auto save in Hub.

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To bulk upload, just select Hub from among the storage options on the homepage and click Upload in the top right corner. This will allow you to upload multiple images to Hub from your computer.

You can also keep your Hub squeaky clean with both Private and Shared Spaces, our built-in photo organization system. Have a bunch of summer vacation photos, brand assets, and pet pics floating around in your Hub?

Using Hub with PicMonkey.com

Create folders in the Shared Spaces section of Hub and invite collaborators to get in on the editing action with you — in real time, or any time. Tap the picture you want to glamorize and get editing. Text and graphics that stay editable on PicMonkey. Collages behave just like regular pictures. However, you can always layer on new effects, text, etc. To save a picture to Hub from the PicMonkey app, open a picture from your phone or iPad, tap Save in the top right corner and you can choose Hub from the save options.

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To declutter, just tap the photo you want to delete from Hub, then tap Delete the trashcan icon. If you have any questions about Hub, be sure to check out our Help center help pages or drop us a line.

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We imagined eight use cases one real and seven hypothetical. Some know them as stickers, while others call them clip art.


Whatever name you fancy, overlays are the design building…. Resources Mobile app features Desktop features Start a free trial Log in. Features Pricing Print. Hub Editor Templates Learn. Log in Free trial.

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  • Learn about basic photo editing techniques and PicMonkey features. Make a Design October 23, by PicMonkey.

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