Как поставить максимальное количество заранее обработанных кадров процессором

Как поставить максимальное количество заранее обработанных кадров процессором

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. APT is a package management system for Debian and other Linux distributions based on it, such as Ubuntu. For the most part, APT is easy to use for installing, removing, and updating packages. In rare instances, often when you are mixing in third-party dependencies, there is a chance that apt-get may end up giving you an error telling you that a package installation could not be completed.

Then make sure that the restricted and universe repositories are enabled. Apt will attempt to correct broken dependencies. If you manually installed a package that had unmet dependencies, apt-get will install those dependencies, if possible, otherwise it may simply remove the package that you installed in order to resolve the problem.

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If it shows any held packages, it is best to eliminate them. Packages are held because of dependency conflicts that apt cannot resolve. Try this command to find and repair the conflicts:. Delete the held packages one by one, running dist-upgrade each time, until there are no more held packages. Then reinstall any needed packages. Be sure to use the --dry-run option, so that you are fully informed of consequences:.

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Since removing the package you are trying to install may not be ideal, you might also try finding a repository that has the packages you need to satisfy the dependencies. You can use PPAs to install or upgrade packages that are not available in the official Ubuntu repositories. One of the most common causes of unmet dependencies are PPAs, specially when used to upgrade the existing package in Ubuntu repositories.

To solve the problem you have three options: disable, purge revert back to original package in Ubuntu repositories or remove PPA. Here you can also add and remove PPAs.

PPA Purge does exactly that. To install PPA Purge run the following command:. But, considering the question apt is broken, the above command will fail. So use this command. Keep Ubuntu Up to date. Ubuntu automatically notifies when updates are available, you can also check for available updates by clicking on Session Indicator in Unity panel:.

Update: Synchronizes your list of available packages with the servers in source repositories.

Как поставить максимальное количество заранее обработанных кадров процессором

Remove duplicate PPAs. When asking for help on Askubuntu or any other help forum, you should include the output of the following commands in your question:. This can be counter-productive in some cases. This is recommended. Also, try disabling some PPAs which might be having broken packages. But, Considering the question apt is broken so the above command will fail.

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  • Infact, the package might already be in the ubuntu repositories. Save it in another partition or a safe place. Later, when you need to restore it again, follow similar steps and when you get to the advanced dialog,Click on this:. If following all the steps given to fix the error does not work for you, you can always ask on Ask Ubuntu.

    These answers so far are focused on how to automagically resolve such an issue, mostly hoping that it resolves itself, but not focused on understanding how to investigate dependencies. If everything behind the scenes is working as it should, however, its paramount to learn how to understand dependencies.

    I highly recommend aptitude to anyone using a. Its tree structure allows you to easily browse dependencies including recommended and suggested packages, as well as visualize conflicts and unmet dependencies.

    This can be successful even when apt is unable to find a solution. There are many scenarios why this can happen and one has to investigate all options and try to solve the preconditions that lead to this error.

    Disable/Remove/Purge PPAs:

    And then try to install package1. The reason for this may be that the later versions of package2 where built by some newer technology that is not supported by other packages that you already have installed. This might not be possible to fix at all.

    Как поставить максимальное количество заранее обработанных кадров процессором

    In this case, you have a bigger problem. The thing is that the package manager APT tries to solve all these dependencies automatically if it is possible.

    When it says that it is not possible and issues a message like in the question , then you should trust it. If you decide not to trust the package manager and if you are sure that you will not have problems, then you can try to force install the specific needed versions of all packages, one by one, and hope to be OK. Beware, doing this for system packages can create serious problems.

    You can lock yourself out of the system, block critical services etc. With this option you can keep what you built in a separate directory and out of the system path so that it will not create conflicts with the system.

    Is it really broken?

    This is probably the cleanest solution, and sometimes can be faster to do. Package manager has access to out-dated information about packages and therefor cannot find a solution. Look in the other answers. These methods need to be followed whenever you get eror regarding Unmet Dependencies. After following the instructions try installing the software.

    Atleast one of these methods should work for you. This will remove all the cache and will download a fresh cache. This should be done to get fresh cache packages and newer updates. It will probably give some suggestions about removing and installing packages, do what seems reasonable. Change the Download Server from Software Sources Because sometimes the files on a server are corrupted.


    This also happens if you before added an external ppa for the broken dependency. Try removing that ppa by. If no 4 is not your case then atleast try to remove the package that is being shown as a broken dependency.

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  • Then try again installing. This is reported to have workeed for quite a few people. For most cases,installing the package through aptitude will resolve unmet dependencies. By default aptitude package was not installed on your pc. So first install it by running,. Using apt-get clean , apt-get autoclean , apt-get autoremove , apt-get upgrade , apt-get update , apt-get -u dist-upgrade , etc.

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    I finally resolved this issue by descending into the dependency tree via apt-get install , illustrated with an example below. In my case, I wanted to install libmagickwand-dev :.

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  • Fore some strange reason, this succeeded, and I was able to install the original package I wanted with apt-get install libmagickwand-dev :. On Ubuntu packages are the primary way that software is built, deployed, and installed.

    Как поставить максимальное количество заранее обработанных кадров процессором

    Very simply, packages are an alternative to downloading, building, and installing software from scratch. They offer a host of advantages in terms of installation, removal, monitoring, and handling interactions between pieces of software over the standard "build from source" model. Ubuntu uses centralized packaging system ,Ie Every package is depends to some other packages. Purge the recently added ppa using ppa-purge ppa-purge.

    You can use this to return your system to normal after testing a new version from a PPA.

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    If still error occurs, Feel free to to ask it in askbuntu. In addition to those answers above -- I have to admit I am surprised that nobody have mentioned this approach which, is what I have always used as a "silver bullet" at any time I encountered apt-get conflicts or unresolved packages or even if the system is being stubborn Since apt-get works alongside with dpkg , which means apt-get will obey dpkg function.

    Then finally, call the apt-get install:. This rarely happened during my long years of linux use, but I found myself using this approach seldomly and succeeded. After having tried close to every method mentioned in this thread and others I was close to giving up. In the end I tried to use. Beware, it might destroy your config files, so back them up! What worked for me is to re-install the dependency.

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    It is the case where the installed version is more recent than the latest what synaptic shows. It is actually equivalent to allow synaptic to downgrade the dependency package. If you are getting an error like this:. This is telling you that the packages are already installed, but it has not installed all of the other packages it needs to work.

    You should be able to solve this by running this:. But if you end up with this sort of error:. You can then search for ways to install them here or here.

    With the above example, you should be able to find a page like this , and then use a PPA , or install a. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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